“Don’t Sleep on Yourself” | A Self-Love Interview

Written while subconsciously making Valentine’s plans to watch basketball with a glass of wine. Go Grizzlies!



February is the month of love, but who says that can’t include self-love? Lately, I’ve been chatting with my blogger-friend, Vera, and we realized that sometimes we truly do sleep on ourselves! If you haven’t heard the expression “sleep on yourself,” here’s my definition:

To sleep on yourself is the failure to realize how great you truly are. You have amazing talents and passions that can be shared with the world, but you hold yourself back due to fear, anxiousness, or a lack of belief in yourself.

It’s easy to get into this slump of “sleeping on yourself,” but the key is to not live there. Don’t make self-doubt your home, embrace the things that you love about yourself, and be confident in what you have to offer! For this V-Day, I wanted to share some questions I answered for the #SelfLoveClub tag that Vera and I came up with. Don’t forget to check out these awesome blogger babes that answered the questions, too!

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A Self-Love Interview

What made you realize you were “sleeping on yourself”?

I realized I was sleeping on myself when I talked to a friend about how crappy my blog was and she was BLOWN AWAY by how nice she thought it looked and enjoyed reading my first post. At that point, I recognized that I was sitting on something that was actually good. I questioned myself as to why I was holding myself back. I could have already been hitting the ground running and creating the content that I’ve been wanting to create for so long.

What is the biggest thing that caused you to “sleep on yourself” in the past?

100% insecurities. Throughout my life, there has always been some part of me that told myself that I wasn’t good enough to do something. In my mind, I was either not talented enough, not popular enough–not enough for anything. The saying “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” is so true.

How has “sleeping on yourself” had an effect on your life?

It caused me to not go for the things that I wanted in life. I always think back to instances where I’ve wanted to do something and didn’t do it. A majority of the time, the reason I wasn’t following through with something was because I was sleeping on myself, which ultimately was a result of being insecure.

Do you have any insecurities that people actually compliment you on or see as something positive?

I was extremely insecure about starting Glass Half Fab. Starting a blog was a longtime dream and goal of mine that’s always been buried inside of me. I started creating this dream over the last summer/fall with plans to launch at the beginning of 2018 and I literally froze when the deadline got there. With a little push from Vera, I posted for the first time in mid-January and have gotten so much love and positive feedback from other bloggers as well as friends. Why did I wait so long?

Why does self-love matter?

Self-love is so important because everything we do branches from it in a sense. Every single person on this earth is a unique creation that God took time to make. When we love ourselves, we are also loving God and through Him everything is possible. That means that we are capable of doing anything in this world and it all starts with how we view and treat ourselves. If we constantly tell ourselves negative things, nothing good will come of it.

Why do you think people tend to doubt themselves most?

I think fear is a huge factor in why people doubt themselves, whether it be a fear of what they think they are capable of or fear of being inadequate.

What do you do to uplift yourself when you’re feeling down or not good enough?

Inspirational/motivational video messages never fail to uplift me when I’m in a rut. The go-to motivational speakers that I love to listen to are TD Jakes, Sarah Jakes-Roberts, and Les Brown. I also feel more empowered when I listen to Myleik Teele’s podcast. I encourage everyone to find a motivational message that truly speaks to them, listen to it repeatedly, and take notes so that you can always remind yourself of the important points that stuck out to you.

What would you tell other people that are sleeping on themselves and their talents?

Wake up! You are more powerful, effective, and talented than you know. You can never know how far or how successful you can be until you at least try. As Les Brown says, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

What is your favorite quote/scripture you’d share with other people that are lacking confidence and not believing in themselves?

Isaiah 41:10 – So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

What other advice would you give to someone who struggles with self-love?

Self-love is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight. When you feel like discouraging thoughts are entering your mind, pause and tell yourself that you are a work in progress who is heading in the right direction. Also, take time to love on yourself! Focus and meditate on the things about yourself that you love. Make room in your day-to-day routine to have a moment for just you, doing the things that you like to do. Self-love requires self-care.

Do you often struggle with self-love and/or sleeping on yourself? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

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2 thoughts on ““Don’t Sleep on Yourself” | A Self-Love Interview

  1. Bravo!!!! Your answers are much like many women that I have talked to about sleeping on yourself, great topic, nice insight. I am so glad that I came across you lovely ladies. Thanks #selfloveclub


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