Meet My Personal Trainer | How Nike Training Improved My Fitness

Written while listening to the La La Land soundtrack. *Cues Another Day of Sun*

Truth is…I don’t have a personal trainer! I’m in my mid to late twenties in an entry-level career position. There’s no way I’m going to spend money on a personal trainer. No, I’m not coming for anyone who may use personal training services—I think they’re great! For me, personally, I’d much rather find a solution that’s cost efficient and can be done anywhere I want—yes, even at home.

I’ve been using the Nike Training Club app for some time now, and it has never disappointed me. I always call this app my personal trainer because you can develop your own workout plan, pick from a variety of workouts depending on your area of focus, and it even urges you to keep going throughout the workout. The best part is that it is 100% FREE. Here are some great features of the app that make it a must have, especially for you gym newbies.

Make Your Own Plan

Whether you’re a beginner to regular exercise or a gym rat, there’s a plan you can tailor to your specific lifestyle. When you’re first developing a plan, the app asks you to fill out certain specifics to fit the plan to your liking.

  1. Enter what equipment you have available. You don’t need a gym to form a plan! Simply say that you have no equipment, or if you have access to a gym, include the equipment that is available to you.
  2. Choose how many times a week you would like to work out for.
  3. Would you like to incorporate a run in your workouts every now and then? There’s an option for that, too! If not, you can skip to the next option.
  4. Plan difficulty determines the duration and the intensity of your workouts. Currently, I set my workouts to 0 – 1 hour because I love something that fits easily into my schedule but still allows me to get a good sweat in.

Variety of Workouts

If you don’t feel up to having a set plan of workouts, you can pick and choose workouts whenever you want. It’s also perfectly fine to fit in an extra workout within your plan; all you have to do is search in the categories, download and start! Another unique feature is being able to workout with your favorite celebrities or athletes with workout routines in which they’ve collaborated with Nike. (Serena is goals!)


Nike Feed

I love the feed within the app because it’s a source of motivation. Pro tips have great insight from professional athletes and their experiences with working out, competition and more. The feed also highlights the Workout of the Week that you can try. My favorite tidbits are the Headspace posts that offer helpful tips such as staying motivated or finding an accountability partner.

Let me know if you all already use the Nike Training app or plan on using it in the future! Lately, it’s an awesome fitness tool and reminder to get myself active.


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