How to Create a Morning Routine to Fit Your Lifestyle

Written while embracing this season in my life.

The way we begin our mornings is what sets the tone for the day. I’m a firm believer in how you start something is exactly how you will finish it.

I’ll be completely honest with y’all and say this: I am not a morning person (and I’m definitely not one during weekdays)! However, I love being able to make the most out of the time I do have and feeling accomplished because of that.

If Beyoncé only has 24 hours in the day just like we do, then what are we really doing? Here are some ways that you can start your day with success, feeling great, and still get a lot of things on your to-do list crossed off. All of these tips were gathered from my personal routine, as well as the routines of two of my closest friends!

Syd Hayman (left) and Christine Cauthen are both writers and editors who graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism with me, and I’m always inspired by their morning routines.

Why are mornings so important?

Morning (1)

As mentioned above, mornings set the tone for the day and are the reason why our days start off on the right foot or end up spiraling in the wrong direction. I like to think of my mornings as a way to get things done and also as a way to ease into the day.

“For me, mornings are a time for peace, productivity and a little-bit of catch up. That’s why I believe morning to-dos set the tone for the rest of the day.” – Syd Hayman (@sydrichi)

“As a natural night owl, it’s important for me to be extremely intentional about my morning routine so that I can be productive in the AM (which leads to me being productive all day)!” – Christine Cauthen (@cccchristine21)

Get moving


Whether it’s a quick stretching routine, a small workout, or just immediately getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, it’s important to get moving so that your body can feel energized and not drag.

“To really kick off my day right, I try to work in at least 10 minutes of stretching. This is either done with some meditative music playing in the background or with the help of the Down Dog yoga app talking me through some stretches.” – SH

“I have to be active in the morning, even though I dread it, because if I don’t get it out of the way and start my day off with some movement, I’ll feel sluggish and dread working out later.” – CC

Have some “me” time

Morning (1).png

Reserving time in the morning just to focus on yourself, in addition to doing things that you love doing, can be a great way to start your day. I personally love taking time to listen to my favorite music or podcast while I handle mundane tasks in the morning. It allows me to get through simple tasks while still enjoying the things that I’m listening too. I also just NEED something to listen to in order to do anything in the morning.

“As I get ready for the day, I listen to the latest news using my Google Home. It’s a hands-free way to digest recent headlines and story highlights all while picking out my outfit, packing my bag and doing whatever else I need to head out of the door.” – SH

“It’s also important for me to take some time for myself. I wish I could say I started each day off with meditation or reading a few chapters from my current book, but sometimes it just means laying in bed without looking at my phone or stressing about my to-do lists. Those moments are grounding and help to remind me that I’m more than my job or my accomplishments. ” – CC

The most important meal of the day 

Morning (2).png

As cliché as that saying is, it’s also true. Breakfast breaks the fast that your body went through while you were getting your beauty rest. Fuel your body and your mind with something healthy every single morning.

“Staying hydrated is a daily must, which is why I like to enjoy a glass of water or a cup of tea, too. And of course, my mornings aren’t complete without breakfast!” – SH

Morning routines are for EVERY day of the week

Morning (3).png

A huge part of establishing a morning routine is making sure you stick to it, even on the weekends. A habit is formed when you consistently perform the same behavior over a period of time. It also helps you get used to doing the same things during the week when it’s a bit harder to get up in the morning.

Overall, it takes time to really get into the swing of having a morning routine and making it a part of your lifestyle.

“Don’t beat yourself up about having a perfect morning routine. I think the basis of opening up some time for yourself in the mornings will help you to gravitate toward morning staples that work for you.” – CC



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