Travel Journal | My Weekend Adventure in San José

Written while vibin’ to ‘This is America’ for the thousandth time this week. If y’all didn’t know, Childish Gambino is one of my faves and he’s truly a creative genius.

If it weren’t for my boyfriend, Cliff, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to visit San José. He was already over there attending a conference for work during the week and invited me to fly over during the weekend. Of course I couldn’t turn it down!

I took off a Friday from work to fly out for a weekend full of tech adventures, a mystery house, and delicious food. Here’s a peak into some highlights of this beautiful city.

Santana Row

The equivalent to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Santana Row is where you go to window shop unless you got it like that ($$$$). Big name brands lined the street with places like Gucci and Lululemon, along with other smaller shops that sold unique items, such as handmade soaps and candles.

After looking around through various stores on the strip, we settled down at the Vintage Wine Bar for flights of Cabs and Rosé (guess which flight was mine).

Side note: the Tesla store completely sold me on getting a Tesla one day and adding solar panels to the roof of my future home. Let’s be sustainable, y’all. When I get the money to, of course.

Winchester Mystery House

My mama warned me before going to Cali to NOT go to the Winchester Mystery House because of the movie that just came out last winter and also due to the notions of the house being haunted. That being said, I went anyway! This was the one thing I really wanted to do while being in San José that wasn’t tech related and right up my alley.


If you don’t know anything about the Winchesters or the story behind this mansion that Sarah Winchester had under constant construction for at least three decades, I suggest reading up on it here and then scheduling a visit when you’re in the area. The story itself is fascinating and seeing her choices (or the “spirits” choices) in construction when it comes to doors that lead to nowhere and staircases that go straight into a ceiling…it’s just something that should be looked into.

The Basin & Saratoga 

After visiting the Winchesters, we decided to head to Saratoga for some winery time. Unfortunately, it was too late to visit and enjoy some sips; however, we did find an amazing restaurant in the Saratoga area that changed our lives.

The Basin, which is an American restaurant with Spanish and Italian influences, was the perfect way to splurge on the last bit of the weekend we had before heading back to St. Louis the next morning. I ordered the Exotic Mushroom Rigatoni and Cliff ordered the Roasted Duck Breast.

Not too long ago, I was talking to my roomie and she mentioned how sometimes she has that moment of saltiness when her boyfriend’s plate is lowkey better than the dish she ordered. Well, I was salty that night. The duck breast was AMAZING and by far the best duck that we both have ever had in our entire lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love mushrooms and the pasta I ordered was delicious, but man. Whenever I go back, I’m switching up my order.

Bird Scooters

We were obsessed with the Bird scooters! This electric scooter rental was our main source of transportation in the downtown area of San José, and we even got a little too adventurous and decided to take our Birds from the AirBnB to the Winchester Mystery House (38 min ride).


In most cases, the Birds were way cheaper than Uber or Lyft and 10x more fun. We were sad to part from them and wanted to petition for Bird to come to St. Louis…until we realized that St. Louis tends to ruin the new things we get. This is why we can’t have nice things, haha.

San José was great for the short amount of time that I was able to be there. Weekend getaways are much needed every now and then. Until next time!





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