My Top 5 May Favorites

I can’t believe it’s already June! 2018 is flying by so fast and it’s already the middle of the year. Throughout May, I’ve tried some new things and decided to share all of my favorite things from this month. Enjoy!


Technically, I got my AirPods in mid-April, but I’ve decided to add it to my May faves because I’ve gotten such good use out of them throughout the month in a variety of ways. Bluetooth headphones have become a must for me, especially since Apple decided to get rid of headphone jacks altogether. I’ve used my gold Beats for a while, but eventually those started to wear and weren’t the best for gym time.airpodsThese AirPods are savvy, small, and surprisingly fit in my small ears. I LOVE THEM. And I don’t lose track of them at all (I thought they’d be lost by the second day). The case charges them quickly and it takes no time to charge the case itself. To check battery life, simply open the case near your phone and the battery levels pop right up. Working out and air travel have never been easier.

Overnight Oats

overnight oats.png

I’ve been seeing recipes for these breakfast treats all over Pinterest and decided to give them a try! I found a simple recipe that didn’t require too many ingredients, grabbed some mason jars and got to it. The next morning I was amazed by how delicious it was and now I prep them on Sundays for a week’s worth breakfasts! I highly recommend this for a quick breakfast option when you’re on the go.

Propagating Succulents

Propagation is another thing that’s been popping up on my Pinterest feed lately and I thought it was too complicated of a process until I read more information on the subject. Once my succulent was starting to get some height, I decided to clip off the top, replant it, and remove all of the remaining leaves to propagate in a separate pot. Within a week or so, I started seeing some new succulents growing!

Propagation is definitely the move if you want new succulents but don’t necessarily want to buy a new one. Also, it’s way more exciting to see something grow from scratch! I’ll be giving a few of these babies away as gifts soon.

Palo Santo


My friends put me on to Bath & Body Works’ Palo Santo candle and I am in LOVE. It smells amazing and the candle jar itself is gorgeous. I love lighting candles in my room when I want to have downtime after work or on the weekends and Palo Santo has been a perfect addition to my relaxation vibes. I can’t wait to use the empty candle jar as a plant pot as well.

HIIT Treadmill Workouts

Lately, I’ve been all about cardio when it comes to my regular workouts. Each workout that I do, I try to get some cardio in at the very beginning. For some reason, I feel like it allows our bodies to get a full-body workout while also getting the necessary exercise our heart needs to be strong.

I’m not a running fanatic by any means, but HIIT treadmill workouts have been a beneficial bonus to my workouts and it helps with fat burning! Above are some pictures of my favorite HIIT treadmill workouts I’ve done; all can be found on my Pinterest fitness board!

These are all of my favorites for the month of May! I’ll be sure to keep up with the things I’m loving each month and letting you all know. I love putting people on to the things I enjoy. If you have any of these things or have tried anything, please let me know in the comments!



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